veterinary services  Blakely, GA
Here at Payton Animal Hospital, we are pleased to have a large amount of veterinary services available for our patients. We are proud to be able to serve Blakely, GA and our surrounding communities to give your pet the best care that they deserve!

Our staff at Payton Animal Hospital is filled with passionate animal lovers who are here to help you and your pet! They are highly trained and dedicated to making sure that your pets receive the care and compassion every time they walk in the door!

We offer the following services to keep your pets healthy:

Laser Therapy  Blakely, GA

Laser Therapy

We are proud to announce we are now offering laser therapy, an innovative new way to treat pain and inflammation in pets. Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects such as improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling. Multiple studies have shown laser therapy can help with a variety of problems including arthritis, joint pain, ligament sprains, muscle strains, dog/cat bites, feline acne/asthma, hotspots, post trauma/surgery pain, hip dysplasia, lick granulomas and snake/bug bites.

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Dental Care  Blakely, GA

Dental Care

Dental care is vital to the overall health of any pet. Dental disease can lead to health issues with the heart, liver, and kidneys and has the potential to seep into your pet’s bloodstream. In fact, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over three years of age suffer from some form of dental disease, making it the most common pet health issue among our pet population.

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Surgery  Blakely, GA


We are pleased to offer our clients the highest quality veterinary care. We want nothing but the best for our clients, especially during surgery. It is our goal to make sure that our surgical team is prepared to offer our clients the latest medical procedures. We look forward to learning about the newest medical advances in surgery and actively partake in continued surgical education.

Surgery Procedures

Sterilization Surgery
• Canine and Feline Castration
• Canine and Feline Ovario-Hysterectomy
Elective Surgery
• Feline Declaw
• Canine Ear Cropping
• Canine Tail Docking
• Livestock Dehorning
Dental Surgery
• Canine and Feline Dental Prophylaxis
• Equine Dental Floats
Surgical Oncology
• Tumor Removal
Ophthalmic Surgery
• Eye Enucleation
• Entropion Surgery
• Cherry Eye Surgery
• Eyelid Tumor Removal
Orthopedic Surgery
• Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair
• Femoral Head Ostectomy
• Leg Amputations
• Bone Fracture Repair
• MPL – medial patellar luxation
• APL – anterior patellar luxation
Other Common Procedures
• Caesarean Section
• Gastric Dilation Volvulus
• Cystotomy
• Wound Repair
• Foreign Body Removal
• Anal Gland Removal
• Hernia Repair
• Biopsy
• Ear Hematoma

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Microchipping  Blakely, GA


At Payton Animal Hospital, we are happy to offer microchipping. Every year, thousands and thousands of pets go missing. Not knowing where your pet is or how to bring them back can be a helpless, hopeless feeling. It’s a tragedy that happens all too often.

But there is a simple, safe, and effective way to ensure your pet’s safety and retrieval should he or she ever become lost. Microchipping is a standard procedure that implants a tiny chip underneath your pet’s fur. It is a painless and relatively fast procedure and is completely safe.

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Vaccinations  Blakely, GA


Vaccines are products designed to trigger protective immune responses and prepare the immune system to fight future infections from disease-causing agents. Vaccines stimulate the immune system’s production of antibodies that identify and destroy disease-causing organisms that enter the body. Vaccines provide immunity against one or several diseases that can lessen the severity or prevent certain diseases altogether.

5 Reasons to Vaccinate your Pet
1. Vaccinations prevent many pet illnesses.
2. Vaccinations can help avoid costly treatments for diseases that can be prevented.
3. Vaccinations prevent diseases that can be passed not only from animal to animal but also from animal to human.
4. Diseases prevalent in wildlife, such as rabies and distemper, can infect unvaccinated pets.
5. Many areas, local or state ordinances require certain vaccinations of household pets.

Recommended Canine Vaccination Schedule


2 weeks 1st round of Deworming (ex. Nemex)
4 weeks 2nd round of Deworming (ex. Nemex)
6 weeks 1st set of vaccinations (Da2PPV) and Intestinal Parasite check. Deworm if necessary
9 weeks 2nd set of vaccinations (Da2PPV for small puppies/dogs or Da2PPV+4L for larger puppies/dogs and Bordetella) Intestinal Parasite check. Deworm if necessary.
12 weeks 3rd set of vaccinations (Da2PPV or Da2PPV+4L and Rabies) Intestinal Parasite check. Deworm if necessary.
16 weeks 1st Rattlesnake vaccination
20 weeks 2nd Rattlesnake vaccination booster

• Canine Distemper- Usually fatal viral disease that causes respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems problems
• Hepatitis- Viral disease of the Liver
• Parvovirus- Dangerous and sometimes fatal intestinal disease (especially in puppies)
• Parainfluenza- Virus that is part of the group of viruses and bacteria known to cause kennel cough. The canine equivalent to a human cold.


• Canine Distemper- Usually fatal viral disease that causes respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems problems
• Hepatitis- Viral disease of the Liver
• Parvovirus- Dangerous and sometimes fatal intestinal disease (especially in puppies)
• Parainfluenza- Virus that is part of the group of viruses and bacteria known to cause kennel cough. The canine equivalent to a human cold.
• Leptospirosis- This potentially serious bacterial disease attacks the kidneys and liver of infected dogs and can be transmitted to humans.


• Bordetella bronchiseptica is a bacterium that causes respiratory disease in dogs. It is one of the most common bacterial causes of canine infectious tracheobronchitis, which is also sometimes called kennel cough. Bordetella is highly contagious, easily transmitted through direct contact or the air, and resistant to destruction in the environment.
• 100% fatal nervous system disease of mammals. Because there is no effective treatment and the disease can also infect humans, vaccination against the rabies virus is required by law in most states.


• Specifically designed to produce antibodies against the venom of the western diamondback rattlesnake. The vaccine may also be effective against other snakes with similar venom, such as the sidewinder, timber rattlesnake, and copperhead. The vaccine does not protect against the venom of water moccasins or coral snakes. The vaccine works by creating protective antibodies that help neutralize venom, so dogs experience less pain and swelling after a snake bite. Dogs that are bitten may also require less antivenin, which can be fairly costly and may produce side effects. Factors that can influence the effectiveness of the vaccine include the location of the bite, the type of snake, and the amount of venom injected.

Age                                Description

8 weeks 1st set of vaccinations (Felovac/Leukemia combo). Intestinal parasite check, deworm if necessary
12 weeks 2nd set of vaccinations (Felovac/Leukemia combo and Rabies). Intestinal parasite check, deworm if necessary

• Rhinotracheitis- Upper Respiratory disease
• Calicivirus- Highly contagious virus that causes acute upper respiratory infection
• Panleukopenia- Virus also know of Feline Distemper
• Chlamydia- Chylamydiosis refers to a bacteria based chronic respiratory infection
• Leukemia- Disease that impairs the immune system and causes certain types of cancer

• 100% fatal nervous system disease of mammals. Because there is no effective treatment and the disease can also infect humans, vaccination against the rabies virus is required by law in most states.

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Wellness Exams  Blakely, GA

Wellness Exams

Veterinarians recommend regular wellness exams for the same reason your physician and dentist recommend them – if you can detect a problem in its early stages, it’s more likely to be treated and resolved with less expense, less difficulty and better success.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Vaccinations, heartworm prevention and routine deworming are important components of wellness care and can prevent diseases that are not only life-threatening, but very expensive to treat.

Your veterinarian can recommend a wellness program based on your pet’s breed (some breeds are predisposed to certain health problems), age, lifestyle and overall health.

Preventive Blood Testing
• Main Goal: Annual blood test that helps identify underlying medical conditions not found on history or physical examination. Thus improving outcome of treatment and minimizing expense.
• Establish baseline values for healthy pets
• Helps determine anesthetic safety baseline to reduce anesthetic complications.

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Parasite Prevention  Blakely, GA

Parasite Prevention

The idea of your pet being infested with parasites is a disturbing thought, but it’s also a medical issue that can have serious consequences if not properly dealt with or prevented. Parasites pose a variety of health issues for our pets, who can be very susceptible to certain parasites depending on age, region, and other factors.

At Payton Animal Hospital, we emphasize the importance of preventing parasites. Through preventative measures, you can successfully protect your pet. Pets that are not protected often develop parasites, leading to serious problems for them and their owners.

Types of Parasites

• Fleas
• Ticks
• Ear Mites
• Sarcoptic Mange
• Demodectic Mange

• Roundworms
• Whipworms
• Hookworms
• Tapeworms
• Coccidia
• Heartworms

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Boarding  Blakely, GA


While your pets are with us, we will do everything we can to give them an exciting visit. If you are concerned about leaving your pet, please don’t hesitate to set up a time to visit our hospital and look around our boarding facility. We will be happy to discuss our boarding policies and answer any questions you may have.

Boarding Policy

In order for your pet to board at our facility, we require proof of current vaccinations for:

• Rabies
• Da2PPV or Da2PPV+4L
• Bordetella

• Rabies
• Felovac/Leukemia

Our staff is eager to explain the necessity of these vaccinations. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in our efforts to prevent disease among our companion animals.
Pets coming in and requiring services or hospitalization will receive the appropriate flea prevention if external parasites are noted. This is to reduce flea and tick infestation

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Grooming  Blakely, GA


Our certified groomers are accustomed to working with a variety of different breeds and species. While grooming your pets, we always go above and beyond. We can guarantee that your furry friend will be exceptionally clean!

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Onsite Diagnostics  Blakely, GA

Onsite Diagnostics

We have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that allow our staff to diagnose your pets’ condition or illness better. It is our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of diagnostic technology.

Having these advanced diagnostic tools allows us to examine specific areas more carefully and provide a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. We use many tools such as radiology, lab tests, and various other equipment and tests.

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In-House Laboratory  Blakely, GA

In-House Laboratory

We are very proud of our laboratory. We are able to perform many diagnostic tests quickly and efficiently in it. We can do many simple tests but are also able to offer some more complex ones, too! We are able to run heartworm tests, leukemia and FIV tests, and full blood work for those who are interested in it. There are also many other tests we offer our patients.

The best part of being able to run laboratory tests in our hospital is that we can diagnose your pets much sooner than if we had to send the blood work out to another laboratory. Whenever your pets are not feeling well, we can offer you results and a diagnosis in minutes instead of making you wait a day (or more) for the results.

Pre-Surgical Bloodwork

Performing pre-operative bloodwork reduces the risk but may not prevent complications. It does help us to:

• Minimize risk of Anesthesia by determining the safest medications to use for your pet.
• Identify any underlying diseases not found by the history or physical examination.
• Establish healthy baseline values.
• Abnormal results may require further work up and could delay surgical procedures.

Recommended Tests:
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
• White Blood Cells: Evaluates the Immune System status and identifies infection or inflammation.
• Red Blood Cells: Evaluates the body’s ability to carry oxygen to the tissues. Anemia results when red blood cells are not present in sufficient numbers.
• Platelets: Part of the blood clotting system, adequate numbers must be present to prevent excessive bleeding.
Chemistry and Electrolyte Panel
• Chemistry test provide vital information about the internal organ function (ex. Liver, kidneys and pancreas) that cannot be assessed from a physical examination
• Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT): Increased enzymes maybe a sign of liver damage or disease.
• Albumin (Alb): Low levels can indicate liver, kidney or intestinal disease.
• Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP): Elevations can indicate liver inflammation or decreased bile flow caused by liver disease ro hormonal disorders.
• Amylase: Amylase is an enzyme produced to help digest food. Elevated levels can indicate disease of the pancreas, intestines or kidney.
• Calcium: Calcium is important to monitor for early signs of certain cancers. Imbalances of calcium and phosphorus levels are indicative of certain metabolic diseases.
• Electrolytes (Na+/K+): Potassium levels are important for normal muscle function and heart rate. Sodium levels are important for body fluid balance. Both are critical to your pet’s health.
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Dentistry  Blakely, GA


We are proud to offer equine dentistry and provide care for your horse’s entire oral cavity. A horse’s teeth and jaw function are vital to their overall well being, so dental care is an important part of your horse’s health.

We provide floating for horses as well as a range of routine to advanced services. Proper dental care will ensure that your horse’s teeth are not causing discomfort, pain, or other potential health issues.

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Ultrasound  Blakely, GA


Ultrasounding is a quick and painless procedure. It uses sound waves to allow us to see inside your pets and horses, without using the harmful radiation produced when we take x-rays.

We are pleased to be able to offer ultrasounds, along with all of our other diagnostic tools, to help your sick pets and horses start to feel better soon. The quicker we can find the problem, the sooner they will be back to their normal selves.

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Emergency & Urgent Care  Blakely, GA

Emergency & Urgent Care

Our staff is dedicated and well trained to handle emergencies of all types. If you’re experiencing an emergency, please call us immediately. Our team of professionals will be able to determine the best course of action for your pet.